[Discussion] Looking for some advice

Apologies in advance for the meaningless title.I have an iPhone 7 on 10.1.1. I love my setup.I am also about to buy a Nike Running Apple Watch. Those things look cool. I recently found out that new apple watches aren’t compatible with all iOS 10.X, I might end up with one that only supports 10.3+.So that’ll ship in 2 weeks ish. I don’t expect 10.3.1 to still be signed when I get it. So this leaves the question “should I update to 10.3.1 now” (based on possibly faulty Pangu rumors) or stay on 10.1.1 and take my chances, knowing if the Apple Watch they send me is too new, I’ll have to go to 10.3.2+.So now you’re probably thinking, okay, give this guy his blue downward arrow , tell him to do whatever he wants, move on.However, it gets more complicated than that. I am a theme designer. My iPhone 7 is my only test device atm. I may or may not get my iPhone 5 (iOS 8.3) back, a friend is borrowing it and I don’t expect to get it back.Any tips? via /r/jailbreak http://ift.tt/2r3hGfO

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