Is anyone bothered by the lack of passive noise cancelation in earpods / airpods?

So far I’m an android guy and I use samsung earbuds. However, I’m considering to buy the next iPhone if the coolest rumors turn out to be true. And then I’m also looking at the airpods, because I just love its features of true wirelessness, 24 hours of batttery life, super easy to connect and all that.However, I asked a friend if I could wear his earpods for a day to try them out and I realized something. I really like the passive noise cancelation that I get from my samsung earbuds. I never knew how well that actually worked until I noticed that the earpods don’t have that. I live in Amsterdam and there is so much noise around from cars and trams and such. Isn’t anybody here bothered by all that sound coming through, making it harder to hear your music clearly?So I wonder if there happens to be a company out there which modifies earpods and airpods to attach a little rubber to it, to increase the passive noise cancelation. Does anyone know if that exists? I know there’s a company that colors your airpods, so that gives me a little hope that this might also exist. via /r/apple

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