Questionable but interesting rumor on iPhone Touch ID sensor

There has been a questionable but still intriguing report out of Korea, claiming Apple has increased the quantity of the OLED display order this year from Samsung by 20 million, going all the way up to 90 million. The report claims it’s because Apple’s trying to make up for the low yield of production for the integrated Touch ID in display by having more displays available. It also mentions the initial display production will be 4 million panels in June, which puts a limit on how many new iPhones will be available upon the launch initially.Again this is a questionable rumor and given the recent comment from the Foxconn leaker and the rumor of Samsung giving up on the technology for the next Galaxy Note, it’ll certainly be a surprise if the new iPhone gets the the built-in scanner. But if Apple does it, this sounds like how they’ll do it, basically brute forcing it by dumping money on the supply channel and R&D. via /r/apple

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