5 year android users thought on IOS

So I made a post about 2 weeks ago about switching to an IPhone after my galaxy s8 broke on the first fall I had with it. I did buy an IPhone 6 plus, though I know a lot of you said get the 6s, but my finances are tight being a college student and all, and here are my experiences and take a ways with a week of using an IPhone after 5 years of being an android user starting with the pros.Apps: When I was on android I heard that the IOS counterpart to apps were better and I never really believed it until I download my daily apps. Apps like Gmail, Discord, Steam, and Spotify, to name a few, all look amazing and sleek on IOS. I never knew how butchered apps I used on a daily basis on android were compared to that of IOS.Lack of Customization: Though this may sound weird, I actually enjoy not being able to customize everything on my phone like you can on android. I would literally lose sleep trying to customize my phone, and after I spent hours customizing, the next day I wouldn’t feel satisfied with what I did, and this never ending cycle literally drove me mad. So having a restriction on what I can and can’t customize puts my mind to rest, as well as saves me time.IMessage: I have never really joined the hype train of I message… until now. Being able to use it on my mac and phone is extremely helpful since I use my mac to write notes during my class, so if someone texts me I can use my MacBook Air (Rip), without having to pick up my phone. Not to mention the best part… STICKERS. But honestly the stickers and images you can send on I message are so fun, I know my friends got tired of me spamming them drawings and gifs.Updates: It is such an amazing feeling to know that the moment apple pushes an update to users I can download it right away, compared to the fragmented nature on android where I would have to wait months at a time just to get one simple update. Not to mention Apple has quite a good track record at fixing issues in an update quickly, though my only hope is that IOS 11 will run well enough on the 6 to hold me until next year.Ram Management: For a 3 year old phone with 1 Gig of ram, this phone can hold 5 apps in the background at exactly where I left off with no problem, while my S8 with 4 gigs of ram can’t even hold 3 apps without one resetting. This really shows how well apple tailor fits their OS to their phones hardware, and is extremely convenient, especially scrolling for 10 minutes on Reddit, and when you stop to go do something the app resets and you have to find where you left off in the abyss of Reddit.Vivid Screen: My God, the screen paired with the beauty of IOS is extremely beautiful. Though the screen is a 1080p Lcd, the colors are more true to life compared to the over saturated “fake” looking colors that Samsung loves to do on their displays. It really goes to show that phones can have a 1080p screen and look gorgeous without sacrificing battery life like QHD, and makes me, if I dare, like the screen over anything Samsung has put out. (The only reason I am bringing Samsung and not other android manufactures is that Samsung makes the best displays in the android world.)The Design: I may be in the minority on this one, but I absolutely love the aluminum design on the phone. As every company seems to be going the way of glass backs including apple with the rumors coming out for the IPhone 8, it feels amazing to hold the cold aluminum on your hands when you wake up in the morning. That’s why if I do stick with IOS and upgrade I will get the 7s instead of the 8 just for the aluminum feel. Not to mention it won’t break and shatter the first time you drop it like my s8.Though I am gushing about IOS there are a few gripes that need to be addressed.DislikesNotifications: I know people said notifications on IOS were bad, but having used them myself, these are Grade A buns. I get probably 200-300 notifications a day (I am not that popular, I am just in a lot of discord servers), and to have an independent slide for each notification literally drives me mad. I can scroll for a good 10 seconds just to get down to my notifications at the end of a day, not to mention it makes really no sense why they don’t group them by app.Slow Charging: Though this may not be a gripe to some people, having been spoiled with quick charge on android, having to wait give or take about 2 hours to fully charge can be a tad frustrating, so I hope apple hops onto that wagon soon.To wrap up my first long form Reddit post I have ever made, I do very much enjoy my experience with IOS, and genuinely have fun using it if that makes any sense. Though it may be the honeymoon phase, I think apple just got themselves a new customer. via /r/iphone http://ift.tt/2rKC4Ww

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