Big time phone thief?

Hey yall. My phone left me sometime during glass animals. I’m 99% sure it was stolen, since it’s been turned off, find my iPhone isn’t working, never showed up at lost and found, and whoever has it never called the “please call if found” number on my wallpaper. Asshole.I filed a claim with the lost and found website, but it’s not there as of now. I heard a rumor, though, that someone stole like 150+ phones and got caught by the police, and that those phones aren’t in the lost and found yet because they’re being held as evidence.Anyone know if this is true? If so, how long should I be waiting before I can assume they don’t have it and drop a whole paycheck on a new phone.I had the time of my life with you lovelies otherwise, but if I see any phone thieves next year I’m throwing hands via /r/bonnaroo

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