Discussion Topic: The implications of Apple selling OEM parts on the mobile repair industry

With the rumors of an in-display TouchID and the “Calibration Machine” that have been leaked to the internet point to pretty much one thing; an unrepairable next-gen iPhone due to TouchID matchup issues.Since Apple is most certainly pay-to-play, small time shops will likely not have the capital to not only meet the requirements necessary as well as investing in the costs to acquire the Calibration Machine needed to pair new home buttons to old phones.What does this mean for the mobile repair industry? If Apple is demoing this machine at Authorized Repair Centers, it’s implied that Apple could potentially sell parts in the future, especially if the Right To Repair movement succeeds. With OEM parts on the market, mom and pop shops are going to lose a lot of business because we all know every customer asks if parts are OEM. How can the repair industry compete with the likes of Apple offering OEM parts at locations outside of Apple stores that also doesn’t void warranties? via /r/mobilerepair http://ift.tt/2sQcReH

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