Erho released a twitlonger post about the events of E3. But it’s full of contradictions.

So today laura lania’s boyfriend released a twitlonger post about rumors and theories surrounded his girlfriend’s mysterious shady behavior at E3 2017.However, it’s full of things that contradict what laura said the night she came back. I’ll try to list all the contradictions I see, but im sure there are more considering I haven’t read the hundreds of tweets laura has made in the last few days.Contradiction 1: Erho claims that he was the one who informed laura that there was a search going on for her and she was the first one she talked to. However her phone died during the call, and that is when she rushed outside and grabbed the phone from those two strangers. However, in the video she deleted she claims that she used the owner of the motel’s phone to record that video and make those tweets because her phones were still dead. Also if Erho was the first person to find out laura was okay then why didn’t he tweet about it? In addition to that, an iphone cannot die if it’s being charged even if you’re talking to someone.contradiction 2: Ehro claims Laura was staying in her hotel “with a female coworker” and no one else. However, Laura says she was in the hotel room with two guys and one girl and that she slept on the floor. Where did those two other guys come from if Ehro believed it was just her and her coworker? You really think her coworker brought home those two guys and made laura give up her bed? How fucking naive can you be.contradiction 3: Ehro’s timeline of the events are “She went to two separate clubs for a few hours then spent the day at the local casino”. Notice how he says “the day” implying it was the morning/afternoon of July 15th. However in Laura’s videos and in her tweets she said she was playing “late night” poker and had a really “great night” playing poker, no mention of the two clubs. What’s interesting though is in the receipts from the casino that Laura posted, it shows she did start playing at 12pm. So in this case her own receipts contradict her story.contradiction 4: In a tweet Ehro made he claims Laura was alone for the entire night. But Laura said she “made some friends at the table”. He also says it’s not uncommon for her to unplug like this, but in his twitlonger he mentions two times this wasn’t like her to.The rest of the twitlonger is just excuses and deflections. What most likely happened here should be obvious to anyone with any relationship experience. In my opinion, just the disappearing for that long with no contact is grounds for immediate break up. But here you have a sketchy bullshit story about losing all her chargers and bringing home two guys from the club, just so she could sleep on the floor, and then being afraid to even call him or text him. If you wanna stay with that girl dude that’s up to you, but don’t act like you dont understand why people are calling you a cuck. via /r/SamandTolki

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