[Discussion] Theory for lack of 3D Touch App Switcher in iOS 11

The lack of 3D Touch to access the App Switcher may be because of the next iPhone’s design. If the rumors are true then the next iPhone does not have a Home button and it has some kind of Touch Bar instead at the bottom. That Touch Bar may offer the entire bottom portion of the iPhone as a Home button area (with Touch ID integrated).If that is so, then it’s possible that the edge 3D Touch edge (that brings up App Switcher) conflicts with the Touch Bar area. Apple would need to figure out how to interpret and sort/manage these different interactions.Questions like the following would first need to be answered : Should you not be able to use the Touch Bar area for an App Switcher 3D Touch (ie. should it begin above the Touch Bar area instead)? How does iOS respond to touches at the top borders of the Touch Bar area? Where on the Touch Bar area would the 3D Touch edge for App Switcher begin? Should the Touch Bar area read fingerprint every-time an edge touch is made or ignore it?My belief is that Apple will likely keep (or bring back) the 3D Touch edge swipe, but that they need time to figure out how to integrate it with the new hardware and the next iPhone’s Touch Bar software. via /r/iOSBeta http://ift.tt/2tvSLnk

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