[Question] How can I convince someone who refuses to update their phone because of bug and battery life rumors?

My dad has an iPhone 6s and still refuses to update to latest version public of iOS. His reasoning is he already has to reboot his phone at least once a day because of glitches that form after a very long length of time between fresh restores. I have told him that doing and iCloud backup and restore would help with the bugs and glitches his phone has but refuses to do that as well. I have also told him that not everyone has the same problems. He says that if he has to do that then what’s the point of having an iPhone and that he just should instead switching to android. I have told him that work be a bad idea because I think the bugs and glitches are worse on most of not all android devices. I don’t think he would do that considering he just bought an 13” MacBook Pro with touch bar and loves how well the Apple ecosystem just works. Any thoughts on convincing him to update or performing an iCloud backup and restore on his phone? via /r/apple http://ift.tt/2t3awxw

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