Why I Doubt _____ Is Returning

I do not believe Paul is returning to Big Brother 19.First, let’s look back at this sub+Twitter’s response to even the slightest of rumors. This whole Paul thing is almost an identical rumor to the “Alex is coming back!!!!!!” incident that took place less than a week ago. It also compares to the short-lived “Justin from BBOTT is returning” rumor. I also know Meech has commented favorably on the Paul thing, but don’t forget she also did about Alex. And the House having a jungle theme. Overall, I just want to point out we’ve had similar incidents in the past and they’ve all resulted negative, so I’d be surprised if this time ends up differently.Furthermore-the iPhone/Android deal. Paul’s syntax has remained nearly identical in both his Instagram AND Twitter postings, especially with his Twitter post about the House. I think it’s likely he just got a new phone without telling anybody (since normally it’s not a big deal) and had a coincidental transition over to Android just as sequester began.I think you guys might just be making a mountain out of a molehill, which has occurred in the past and will undoubtedly occur again in the future. Of course, I know the evidence is strong and I could be wrong (as usual lol). I guess we’ll all just have to see come next week! via /r/BigBrother http://ift.tt/2swQWrK

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