iphone 7+… 7S… 8…?

Hi guys, been fan of apple. And right now I have a 6S and love it. However I’ve got an upgrade soon. I was considering the Red 7+ because I love the camera and just the overall screen size. I was worried that being a girl it would be big but i think i could definitely get used to it!Of course I want my hands on a new phone but reading about the 8 coming out has caught my attention. I don’t necessarily need the more screen space to get the look of the S8. I personally am not a fan of that look on a phone.. but then reading rumors about 7S?? I read awhile ago they were just going to skip the 7S and go straight to 8. Then read on a snapchat article that the 8 could be worse than 7..!I just want an honest opinion from you guys if you think waiting is best or sticking with the 7+ would be fine. And what’s the verdict on new phones coming out. I don’t necessarily need the top and newest phone out there thanks guys! via /r/iphone http://ift.tt/2uebBiE

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