iPhone 7+ & Asurion

A week or so ago I placed my iPhone 7+ on the counter, turned around, and when I turned back around it was on the floor with the screen shattered with some damage to the LCD as well. I’m still on my parent’s phone plan and knew I had full insurance through Verizon. I told my mom and she did the online form thing and paid the $200. I figured it was the same form as years ago when I had broken my iPhone 4, but unknowing to me, it was through Asurion.I received my replacement phone today. I was expecting a brand new version of the phone I have now (iPhone 7+ in Rose Gold w/ 128GB), but it is a refurbished version. I haven’t even had the now broken iPhone for more than 6 months, the last thing I want is someone else’s refurbished phone. The refurbished phone they sent me came in an Apple Certified Pre-Owned box with the apple stickers, charging cable + port, and headphones. They also sent a separate Verizon brand sim card. From some of the horror stories, it sounds like I have gotten lucky to not have received a phone in a zip lock bag with a gas station charger. However, I’m still massively disappointed and terrified this refurbished phone is going to have something wrong with it (battery life, home button clicks, small things you don’t notice until you actual use it for a decent amount of time). Plus, rumor is that Asurion doesn’t use apple certified parts or that they use cheap cheap stuff.I don’t want to send back my cracked iPhone and keep this refurbished one, but from what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like Asurion gives you a new iPhone or refunds. I’m contemplating contacting verizon and seeing if they can do anything about this, as my family has been using verizon for at least ten years now.-for those of you wondering why I didn’t just get the screen repaired is because it was $150 to repair the screen and I thought I could pay $200 and get a brand new phone-Any suggestions? I’ll only be truly happy with a brand new version of my phone and again, the one I cracked, isn’t even 6 months old. This is giving me a lot of anxiety and living with a refurbished phone will always have me paranoid. Thanks in advance.-TL;DR: cracked phone, want new version of same phone, received refurbished phone, not happy, how can I get new phone?- via /r/verizon http://ift.tt/2s00its

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