I recently went on a 3 week vacation and I can’t stress how much I love my Pixels camera and how I am now a strong believer that it’s clearly ahead of the very praised iPhone 7+ camera

I have the Pixel XL (8 months strong now) and my girlfriend has the 7+. 9 out of 10 times we took pictures, whether it be at night, indoors, or outside with perfect lighting, the Pixel camera was just much better than the iPhone. I kind of knew this before, but taking over 20 gigabytes of photos and videos alongside her, it was clear as day as to how much better the Pixel was. This reason alone is why I really do want to stick with the Pixel line (assuming they have another amazing camera), even though recent rumors for the Pixel 2 had some of us disappointed.To give credit where it’s due, I do think the IPhone took better videos in the dark, however my night pictures were miles ahead. via /r/GooglePixel http://ift.tt/2upwZBr

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